The 5 Top Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Contractor

When it comes to a job as large as cutting down a tree, even the most dedicated DIYer may decide to find the experts.

The challenge is locating a reliable business to handle such a significant and potentially risky task as tree removal. Asking the following five questions can help you find the best tree removal company for your requirements regarding tree cutting, removal, and grinding of stumps.

1. Can you show me a copy of your tree-removal license and proof that you have liability insurance?

There are some businesses that will give you the impression that they have insurance when, in reality, they do not. There should be both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance in place. They will ensure that you, the homeowner, are not held responsible for any accidents or damages that occur during the process of removing the tree from your property. Having the proper credentials is important. 

2. How long is tree removal?

The answer must be tailored to the level of difficulty of the task at hand. Any company that guarantees a quick removal before providing an accurate estimate of the amount of work involved is likely trying to sell you something.

3. What costs are covered by the fee charged by your tree removal company?

Always make sure you ask what is included in the price of the tree cutting or removal service before agreeing to pay for it. You should get everything down in writing first. Some “tree cutting” businesses will remove the tree from your property, split the trunk into smaller pieces, and remove the wood. Many people will simply abandon the trunk in its current location and give you the reins to take care of it on your own. It’s important to remember that some businesses have fees based on travel distance or time. If that’s the case, it might make sense to go with a business in your immediate area. Keep in mind that the cheapest estimates aren’t always the best. For some businesses, the bottom line is the only thing that matters. As a result, you risk getting poor or even disastrous results.

4. Can you provide me with an estimate?

An estimate can be obtained from any respectable business. Based on the details you provide, they will be able to provide you with an estimate for the job’s approximate cost. Find out how much removing a stump will set you back. There are instances in which companies that remove trees include the cost of this service within their quote. There are times when they do not.

5. Do you need to be paid in full before you remove a tree?

You should never work with a company that requires a down payment. Real experts in the field never demand payment upfront.

Begin with these five questions to ask. Then, do as much homework as you can. Think about the company’s standing in the market, as that is of paramount importance. Check out the website of the tree service company. Check with your neighbors to see if any of them have used the company for work similar to yours. Ask for client references when you call the business. Any company that provides tree removal services of high quality should be proud to show off its list of happy customers.

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