Top Warning Signs That Indicate Your Tree May Fall

warning signs of a falling tree

Contrary to popular belief, a well-established tree can fall and isn’t safe from becoming a fall hazard at home.

For many people, a fallen tree is usually the result of extreme weather or an accident causing it to fail. Still, there are many warning signs of a falling tree. Here are some things you can look out for to avoid tree hazards and damage to your property or family. 

Signs Dead or falling branches

Are branches falling off your tree without any or minimal interference? Tree hazards such as falling branches can cause a lot of damage to surrounding areas. If you notice that branches seem to be just falling, this can indicate that your tree isn’t healthy. It is one of the biggest tree-falling warning signs. Bear in mind that loose branches can be a tree’s way of de-shedding. But, if you are in any doubt contacting an arborist can help you to determine the cause of falling branches.

Holes in the tree trunk

There shouldn’t be any holes in your tree trunk. That is a given; however, if you notice holes or cavities in the trunk, you should investigate them further. It could very well be that where a branch has been shed by the tree has led to decay forming inside the tree. While this doesn’t indicate a tree will fall immediately, it does warrant further investigation of the health of the tree.

Notice A deep crack or missing bark

Missing bark or cankers on a tree indicates your tree is dying. This applies to deep cracks within your tree too. Cracks in the trunk weaken the trunk considerably and can make it more prone to falling. If you notice this, you should seek the advice of an arborist to determine the current health of the tree. This way, you can arrange for it to be felled before it falls, if required.

Cracked or raised soil

If you notice cracked or uplifted soil around the base of your tree, this is a tree hazard. This is one of the biggest tree-falling warning signs you should be getting checked immediately. Cracked or raised soil indicates the tree is uprooting and needs to be stabilized before it falls.

Water near roots

Is your tree near water? A pond, maybe? If so, you should take care to have your trees’ health checked as it is possible that roots can become waterlogged and begin to decay.

Fungus on roots

The presence of mushrooms or fungus around the base of your tree is a warning sign your tree could be likely to fall. Fungus indicates the roots have rotted, and the tree’s stability has been compromised. This could lead to your tree falling easier in adverse weather conditions or under pressure from its immediate environment.

A healthy tree can be a beautiful addition to your property for many years. However, trees aren’t infallible, and over time, they can be at risk of becoming a hazard over time due to different reasons and environmental factors. Knowing the warning signs of a falling tree can help you to mitigate this risk and reduce or prevent any damage caused by falling. 

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