5 Signs Your Tree is Rotten or Dying

How to Know if a Tree Is Dying

There are many advantages to having trees on your property. Not only are they picturesque but they also provide shade and shelter for you and wildlife. Having a tree on your property will also improve the air quality.

When a tree is dying, it may be obvious but that isn’t always the case. In fact, many trees that look dead can be brought back to good health. So, how do you know your tree is dying?

Brittle Tree Bark

If your tree is dying, there will be exterior signs. One such sign is brittle bark. You may notice the bark start to peel away from the tree and fall to the ground. Look at your tree for deep splits in the bark.

If you notice this kind of damage, your tree could be susceptible to further damage in bad weather. Trees with brittle bark are often badly damaged during storms or heavy winds.

Few Healthy Leaves

One of the first signs you’re likely to notice is a lack of healthy leaves on your tree. This is usually more obvious during spring and summer months when a tree should be full of leaves. Although some trees can shed leaves during spring, most trees have a healthy batch of leaves across the whole tree.

If your tree is losing leaves or they haven’t regrown as it normally would, it could be an indication that your tree is dying.

Pests and Fungus

You may notice an abundance of pests or fungus on your tree. Pests like bark beetles or carpenter ants can make themselves at home in your tree. You may find that they’re more noticeable in spring after hiding in your tree to keep warm during the winter.

You may notice mushrooms growing at the trunk of your tree or darker spots on the bark of your tree. This can indicate rotting from the fungus which will eventually cause decay. This can cause structural instability.

Develops a Lean

Some dying trees will develop a gradual lean. A leaning tree can indicate weakness in the tree and structural damage. If this is the case, the tree can become dangerous if left alone.

Leaning trees are often the first to come down during strong winds which pose a risk to life and potential damage to nearby buildings. Leaning trees will very rarely recover and will need to be removed as quickly as possible.

Removing a Dead or Dying Tree

It’s important to remove all dead trees so they don’t become a danger to anyone. Many people think about DIY tree removal but this can be dangerous. It can be difficult to plan the safe removal of a tree without professional assistance.

At Rooted Tree Service, we can come to you and assess the situation. We can safely remove your tree and remove any debris left behind. We provide first-class service at an affordable price and take the weight off your shoulders at the same time.

Contact us with any queries or for a quote to remove your tree.

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