When Is the Best Time to Trim Trees for Proper Care?

when is the best time to trim trees

Tree trimming is a tricky job to get done during the off-season.

After all, every plant has its time to bloom and then die away again, and trees are no different. But what time of year is best to trim down great oaks and small birches alike? As a professional tree service, we know all about the time of year that brings the best conditions to trim your garden trees in. If you want them to grow back bigger and better next year, check out our advice below.

When is the right time to trim trees?

This is dependent on the type of tree in question. If the tree is deciduous (loses its leaves during winter), it’s best to prune in the later autumn and early winter months. This allows you to clip off dead branches and growths as they start to droop. You can help the tree grow stronger in the spring by removing this dead weight now. This will give it more room to breathe during dormancy. 

However, if the tree is coniferous (or evergreen if it does not produce cones), it’s best to trim during the late warmer months. It’s unlikely you’ll need to trim on a regular basis with a tree of this type, but branches can become diseased or damaged for a variety of reasons. Using shears to cut these cleanly off during August or September is the best way to control the overall health of trees that flower all year round. 

Prune new trees as soon as possible

If you’ve recently planted new trees, it’s best to prune them back as they grow. You can do this no matter the time of year. When you prune in this manner, you can shape them as they get bigger. Not only does this make them look great, but it keeps them healthier during this crucial stage. 

You’ll want to focus on two separate areas of a tree as you prune. The trunk and what will soon become the canopy as it grows. Most people enjoy trimming back branches or leaves that grow out of the trunk at lower levels. In doing so they push the majority of growth upwards, leading to a very pleasing and bountiful tree top in a few years time. 

Working with a tree trimming company isn’t a bad idea 

If you want to trim trees and get the job done reliably, it’s a good idea to hire a specialist to do the work for you. Someone who knows what tree species they’re working with, and the best time to trim them, can improve the look and quality of your garden in an afternoon. 

If you want to find out more about tree trimming services, you can contact us directly here at Rooted Tree Service

You can contact us easily via our homepage, where we have plenty of advice about the best tree trimming windows throughout the year. Nature can be complicated to understand, but we’ll make it simpler for you! 

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