How To Transplant Trees or Shrubs

how to replant a tree

If you need to move your trees or shrubs from one location to another, there are several steps you will need to follow to ensure that you give your plants the best possible chance of surviving and thriving post-move.

That being the case let’s take a look at how to transplant trees and how to transplant shrubs, below.

Step one: measure the root ball

In order to dig a new hole for your tree or scrum you will need to work out how big the existing root ball is. You can do this by digging around the plant in its current location. The new hole should be twice as big as the existing one.

Step two: Dig a new hole

The new hole should be dug before you move your plant or shrub as covering the roots ASAP will give it the best chance of survival.

Step three: Dig the tree or shrub out

Dig out the plant you wish to transplant using a 3-foot radius around it to ensure you save as much of the root ball as possible. At this stage, you may want to prune some of the outer roots to make things easier and to help keep the plant healthy.

Step four: Move the plant to a tarp

Carefully remove the plant from the ground and transfer it carefully to a tarp which you can then use to transport it.

Step five: Transfer the plant to its new location

Carefully, carry the tarp – you may need several people to help you do this safely – to the new hole you have dug and cover the root ball with soil. Once covered, tamp the soil down with a shovel and water the site.

If you do not know much about how to move a tree or how to replant a tree, then it might be worth hiring a local tree care service to do this for you because they will have equipment such as motorized spades which are often more effective at digging up and replanting trees and shrubs without damaging the roots and making it harder for the plants to go on and thrive in the future.

Step six: spread some mulch

It is important to make sure you care for your tree or shrub once it has been transplanted because it will be in shock from the move. As such, you should spread a thick layer of nourishing mulch around the new site, careful not to keep it a few inches away from the actual base, shrub, or tree. This will help your plant to more easily settle into its new home.

As you can see, the process of transplanting trees and shrubs is a long and involved one, but it is important you do not skip any of these steps as they could cause your plants to go into shock and fail to thrive in their new location. That’s why you might want to consider letting Rooted Tree Service professionally transplant your trees and shrubs for you.

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